Should Ugly People Have Their Own Dating Site?

There's a dating site called for ugly single people. (Cue the hate mail!) The idea is that "ugly" singles are more considerate, thoughtful, better people to date than hot folks. Guys - what do you think of this new dating site? Have you or would you ever date someone who was "not hot" in the traditional sense?

Funny Guy says:

Meeting your soul mate on an online dating site is, sort of, unromantic enough; now we have to meet on a site that specifically advertises to the whole world, "You and me ain't too pretty!?" This might be pushing it. I'm all for a dating site that champions things like "thoughtfulness" and "consideration," but man, does it has to come at such a price?

Can someone be kicked off a site like this for not being bad looking enough? Does the site have Unattractive Police spot-checking profiles to ensure all members are adequately icky?

I get the idea of the site, and yes, a part of me thinks it's a cool thing to create a dating platform that supposedly puts looks second. But I think in doing so -- so deliberately -- it sort of over fetishizes the idea of "looks" and thus amplifies the whole issue. I say, to each his own; but I for one will long for the good old days when you had to actually sift through to unearth sweet, unconventionally-sexy people.

Girl's BFF says:

Sure, I've dated a swampdonkey before. Well, I guess that depends on how you define date, if you know what I mean. But I wouldn't now and definitely wouldn't do public gatherings. I'm shallow; sue me. And for the record some of the meanest and most vile people I've known were quite unattractive. The site is great in theory as it puts all the undesirables under one roof, but here's the problem-who actually self-identifies as an ugmug? That site will have a very small pool as Quasimodo will still be lurking around using a pic from 20 years ago with sunglasses on.

Wise Ass says:

Dumb and degrading. We already give physical appearance far too much importance, and things like this don't help. Attractiveness is sujbective, anyway; one man's fug is another man's dreamboat. To put yourself on such a site doesn't prove you are ugly, but it does suggest a lack of self-esteem. Also, their assertion that the unattractive are nicer, more down-to-earth people is ridiculous. There are just as many ugly assholes in the world as there are pretty ones. I'm not even sure the site is 100% serious. It strikes me as more a lark designed to elicit laughs and publicity than a bona fide dating site.

Reformed Player says:

A dating site where everyone is desperate and easy? It's like a bar that's perpetually closing time! This site will do great with people online with self esteem issues, which should make it the most successful site of all time. What is ugly anyway? What does that mean? Most people on dating sites who think they're hott are usually fuggos. Maybe this site will be nothing but people who just don't know they're gorgeous.

Chic Geek says:

First off, you couldn't pay me to use a site called "The Ugly Bug Ball." That sounds like the title of a creepy Roald Dahl book. No one needs this site. I'm not hot in the traditional sense and I've been dating since middle school. Don't put yourself in a corner. Nobody puts you in a corner.

People are attractive for all sorts of different reasons. Heidi Montag tried to be "attractive in the traditional sense" and look what happened there. You can find beauty in anyone if you look hard enough. Well, maybe not Ann Coulter. She's composed entirely of spiders and brimstone.

Gal Pal says:

The website? No thanks. The idea behind the website? Sign me up! "Unattractive" people are the best catches in town. They're far more interesting, resourceful and devoted than those dazzling Zoolanders doing walk-offs with your heart. And, as Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker points out, not-hots are usually way hot in bed. Love is blind for a reason - date with your heart, not your eyes.